1. Why do my pearls look stiff or twisted?

Don't worry about this. Because of the knotting style, there is a lot more torque in Pomp necklaces than in a traditional pearl strand. We take time to knead out all of our strands before they ship, but after a while they can kink up again. A bit of gentle straightening will smooth everything out very easily. 


2. I can't find the color I wanted. When will it be back in stock?

Our colors change frequently and when they do, there is no predictable timetable for their return. If you see a style you like, don't wait! We love to get your input, though, so if there is a color you want let us know. 


3. Do you do custom orders?

No, we do not do custom orders. However, we love to get your input. Send any questions or comments to info@pomppearls.com


4. Do you do bulk orders?

For any large orders, please contact info@pomppearls.com


5. Can I buy Pomp Pearls in stores?

Pomp Pearls are available at a few boutiques in New England. For a current list of stores that carry Pomp, click here. If you're interested in carrying Pomp, email us: info@pomppearls.com


6. My pearls broke, weren't what I was expecting, never arrived, etc. What do I do?

If your pearls aren't everything you were hoping for, we apologize. If problems arise within the first week after you receive them, contact us at info@pomppearls.com


7. Why aren't Pomp Pearls made in the United States?

Pomp Pearls are not made in the United States, they are made where pearls are made best. Pomp Pearls are harvested and hand strung in Hong Kong. 


Do you have a question we haven't answered? Let us know! 

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